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Nov 08 2008

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My Hobby

I made these pens the other day in my workshop (from top to bottom: Red Oak, Rosewood, Maple). Here’s all you need to make your own pens:

Mini Jet Lathe – $400
Drill Press – $250
Drill Bit – $17
Band Saw – $300
Wood Blank – $2
Pen Kit – $7
Sandpaper – $5
Glue – $10
Polish – $9

For just a thousand-buck investment you can make your very own pen.

You can also go buy one of these hand-crafted, wooden pens in a store for about $50 (or you could buy a plastic Bic pen made in Mexico for around 25 cents). Of course, if you buy all that stuff, well…first of all you have all that stuff now, and having stuff is a good thing. Also, you can make thousands of pens after that for about $10 each. And then, for every birthday, Christmas, anniversary, christening, and any other suitable holiday, everyone in your family and surounding neighborhood will get a handmade pen. They will think you are quite clever and crafty, and they will love you even more than they did before you made them a pen.

That part’s for sure worth it.

The best part is spending an hour or two in your workshop, kicking up plenty of wholesome sawdust, listening to your pen-making playlist on iTunes, and just enjoying the productive-but-relaxing afternoon.

I highly recommend the experience.