Cloudy Branches

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Jan 09 2007


Category: Snow

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I think my favorite aspect of a large snowfall is the dampening effect it has on the world. When I used to fly fish I loved walking out along a stream after a fresh snow. Every snapped twig, gurgling brook, even the infinitesimal auditory disturbance caused by the touchdown of my fly on the still pool of a beaver pond and the subsequent slow click-clack of my reel taking in the line sounded like the product of a state-of-the-art recording studio. I don’t much miss fumbling with my fishing gear, but I do miss those quiet walks. I seemed more eager to get out there as a fisherman than I do as a photographer…I’ll have to change my way of thinking in that regard. But it reinforced for me how important the ambient soundtrack is to a movie, and the silent, snowy walk reminded me particularly of the sound in the movie “McCabe & Mrs. Miller” (Altman, 1971). It’s a great film to listen to…I hope this is a good photo to listen to.