The Colorado Trail

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Oct 19 2011

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Aperture: f/4
Focal Length: 6mm
ISO: 320
Shutter: 1/200 sec
Camera: Canon PowerShot S90

Oh won’t you meet me
In the Indian summer
Where we’ll go walking
Down by the weeping willow tree
Won’t you meet me
In the Indian summer
We’ll go walking to eternity
– Van Morrison (Meet Me in the Indian Summer)

Well, technically it is not an Indian Summer.  Those occur when there has been a formidable frost or snow followed by unseasonally warm temperatures.  And, of course, this is not a weeping willow.  But it does remind me of poor Merry and Pippin who got swallowed up by Old Man Willow, until Tom Bombadil came to the rescue.
The Colorado Trail is just about one of the best things on Earth.  We love to hike and backpack its pristine paths.  Last weekend we noticed this beautiful evidence that nature is queen and, regardless of our efforts to tag its essence, it will reclaim its own anonymity.
This photo was taken just east of Kenosha Pass, on segment five of the Colorado Trail.

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  1. I was compelled to check your blog today for some reason, and was so pleasantly surprised to see you have recently started posting again…looking forward to more…great recent shots, though they do all make me homesick…

  2. Glad you like The Colorado Trail. Us too. ctf [at] ColoradoTrail [dot] org

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